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Please don't take this websites word for anything on this site, please do your own research, almost everything on this site can be found on the Town of Weddington's
website .

PAM HADLEY with a nod of the head admitted sharing copies of, what according to Weddington Town attorney Anthony Fox said are “confidential” invoices, with “another member of the community”. These invoice contained confidential town information regarding the law suit brought against the town by Providence Volunteer Fire Dept. And where did these invoices end up? In the hands of the law firm representing PVFD in a law suit against the very town and Citizens Pam Hadley is SUPPOSED to represent. Pam Hadley according to town council member Don Titherington, "the only person who received copies of the invoice that showed up in the lawsuit was PAM HADLEY" Don went on to say.
I am more upset now because I think what you’”(Pam Hadley) “have done and not owning up to what you did last month is morally reprehensible because you called into question someone’s honesty and ethics by putting their livelihood in jeopardy” (town employees).” In my opinion, you have violated your fiduciary responsibility to this town and all of its residents. What you have shown in my opinion is a lack of moral compass and poor judgment, let alone what represents the worst in unethical behavior.”

Please listen, please vote on November 3, 2015
Please click on the arrow below to hear the shocking  audio.

Admission of lies comes after minute 8 in the clip, but Pam's true character is exposed throughout the audio file

Please sign our petition below to demand Pam Hadley be removed from Office

We support voting for Bill Deter and Scott Buzzard

What Bill Deter has done:

    • Managed town growth
      • Created an ordinance requiring developers to manage storm drainage
      • Created an ordinance requiring developers to conduct a traffic impact analysis for all new developments
    • Balanced the town budget
      • Moved town budget from a deficit to surplus
      • This achieved while tax revenues declined due to recent revaluation
    • Strengthened the quality of residential
      • Increased buffer requirements from 50' to 100'
      • Created a downtown overlay district that restricts commercial development to downtown district only

What Scott Buzzard will do:
    • Fill a town council seat with an experienced public leader
      • Brings 8 years of Weddington town planning board experience!
      • Work to improve public safety for all residents
      • Work to lower taxes
      • Work to keep residential density low
      • Work to insure commercial stays in the downtown core

We are a group of citiz
ens and neighbors c
ommitted to preserving 
the Town of Weddington, North Carolina and its future. 
Please stay involved... 

and help prevent the Negative changes in our Town

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This November 2015 Election is the most important in Weddington's History

The Principles of Weddington that were under attack in 2013 are under siege in this 2015 Election by 3 specific candidates

JUST SAY NO to - Hadley, Propst and Weaver

Vote based on
Facts this November, not Drama – and know who you’re voting for.

The very reasons you came to Weddington hang in the balance with this election.

As a group of neighbors, and individually we represent the directive of our fellow residents voiced in 10+ years of Town Surveys:

The Priorities in this election:

      1. Protect Weddington as a low-density, low-tax, community
      2. Maintain R-40 residential throughout town
      3. NO additional Commercial districts within town borders
      4. Keep taxes level with NO INCREASES
      5. Manage the town to a balanced budget with existing services
We all have reasons we chose to live in Weddington
It's time to come out and
vote to protect those reasons!

    Please share the information contained on this website with your neighbors, visit the Town of Weddington website and read the minutes.

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