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This just in...
Wesley Chapel FD performance STRONG out of the gates!!
Data collected from Union County 911/EMS Operations Center:

Total Calls Time of call to En Route Time of call to arrival    
Providence VFD (last 60 days of service) 64 03:07      10:36

Wesley Chapel FD (first 60 days of service) 56 02:31 08:34
First things first:  Hemby Road Fire Station -
Fact and Fiction
Many people with and associated with PVFD and Pam Hadley's group have made many statements regarding the Hemby Rd fire station. Almost all of these have been false! 

They said Hemby road station was closing:  It did not close the new contract with Wesley Chapel Volunteer Fire Department (WCVFD) mans the station with 24/7/365 coverage by 4 fire fighters (2EMT’s). Coverage never lapsed and you are still safe

They talk about PVFD being debt free:  PVFD is only debt free because the town has been paying all of their debt.  From 2007-2012 the town subsidized PVFD by almost $1 million over & above the fire fee/taxes paid by residents. This ongoing funding is a burden that is not sustainable by the town without tax increase (20% +) which Pam Hadley fully supports.

These flyers say $3 million of equipment goes away: This one is easy - How do you say $3 million of equipment goes away?  PVFD’s audited balance sheet lists total assets of approximately $585,000.   This is all public record - go check it out.  

These flyers say 47 certified fire fighters will be gone:   Many of the fire fighters at PVFD are full time fire fighters in Mecklenburg county and only moonlight with PVFD.  Many of the certified fire fighters will still have the ability to serve at the Hemby road station…….if they truly wish to serve the community.   If they only wish to serve PVFD then of course those positions will be gone…….it’s their decision.

They say your insurance will increase:  The NCDOI has given WCFVD an ISO6 Rating. The same as PVFD, your rates will not go up. Folks the PVFD talks about a 4 rating, this rating only applies to commercial properties, not residential.

What they won’t tell you is the cost savings:  You, the tax payers Save $224,160 Per Year. This does not include the $71,000 additional funds that would have been needed by PVFD this year to stay solvent. Over the 15 year span of this contract, the town's citizens will SAVE at least $3,400,000.   This only makes sense for our town. Please go to: on the home page look for Fire Service Update 9-15-2015, all the numbers are there.

Where did your money go? Your tax dollars renovate the back building at the Hemby Road fire station at a total cost of $206,429.43, PVFD renovated 805 square feet of this building. This is $256.44 per square foot. To put this in perspective, if you
 have a 3000 square foot house and decided to renovate your house and had a budget of $256.44 per square foot, you would spend $769,302.15 renovating your home. If you have a 4000 square foot home you could spend $1,025,760 JUST TO RENOVATE your house, does this sound right to you? And who was over seeing the budget for renovations for the town of Weddington and you the tax payer....
PAM HADLEY.... Where did the money go, please go look at the back building.
And the contractor on the back building was a member of the PVFD board?

Mayor Pro Tem Barry (Now running Pam Hadley’s campaign) – "Tomorrow we could authorize $500,000" ( you, the tax payers spent close to $1,000,000 on this) "to renovate the fire station. It does not fix your problem. You have a much more dramatic problem that is more than $500,000 because that is 18 months of your operating shortages. One of the greatest challenges that we have had in this discussion is none of us would invest our own money in a failing enterprise"(PVFD). "Then why are we dragging the rest of the Weddington taxpayers into the discussion in renovating the building? Will you address the revenue side and what your plans are." 5/9/2011 town council minutes. 

Mayor Pro Tem Barry – "We could flush $450,000 down the toilet and not really fix the revenue side of the problem". 5/9/2011 town council minutes

Mr. Ken Evans – "I would like to discuss two letters with the Town Council. The first letter is from Wells Fargo. Providence VFD applied for a loan for $450,000 to do the renovations and obviously with a lack of cash flow to support such a loan they turned us down." 8/8/2011 town council minutes

Mr. Jerry McKee – "Last week Jack Parks made his presentation. He came up with a 3 cents tax rate to generate $600,000 for their budget. After looking at this throughout my four years on this Council, I finally came to the point what is the planning for the future for Providence VFD. He talked about wanting to buy property, expand it and renovate the existing building. A 3 cents tax rate will hardly meet those demands. Just to renovate the current fire department is estimated to cost $1 million which is probably low. Expanding with property purchases would probably be another $2 million. In their Long Range Planning Committee they state that Engine 322 would need to be replaced in 2014. I have not seen anybody discuss the future needs. The $600,000 budget is only to pay expenses. How are they going to fund these expansions? They have already been to the bank once and cannot get a loan. Guess where the money is coming from – the Town of Weddington or as we are referred to the “Bank of Weddington.” "
1/9/2012 town council minutes

Mayor Pro Tem Barry moved "that we set aside $250,000 out of the fund balance for the next calendar year. We subsidize them at a rate between $230,000 and $260,000. It seems that we would be on the hook for about that same amount for the operation next year anyway based on my comments of support towards the fire station. All we are doing is setting it aside before the budget process begins." 1/9/2012 town council meeting minutes.

Councilwoman Hadley - "I would like to raise it to $300,000." 1/9/2012 town council minutes.  Once again, free spending Pam.

Councilwoman Pamela Hadley - "where it talks about the projected cost" (for PVFD renovations) "is approximately $700,000, since it says approximately would we be covered if it were $900,000 or $1.1 million?" Pam doesn't mind spending your tax dollars! 3/18/2013 town council minutes.

Please stay involved... 
and help prevent the Negative changes
 in our Town

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This November 2015 Election is the most important in Weddington's History

The Principles of Weddington that were under attack in 2013 are under siege in this 2015 Election by 3 specific candidates

Hadley, Propst and Weaver

Vote based on
Facts this November, not Drama – and know who you’re voting for.

The very reasons you came to Weddington hang in the balance with this election.

As a group of neighbors, and individually we represent the directive of our fellow residents voiced in 10+ years of Town Surveys:

The Priorities in this election:

      1. Protect Weddington as a low-density, low-tax, community
      2. Maintain R-40 residential throughout town
      3. NO additional Commercial districts within town borders
      4. Keep taxes level with NO INCREASES
      5. Manage the town to a balanced budget with existing services
We all have reasons we chose to live in Weddington
It's time to come out and
vote to protect those reasons!

    Please share the information contained on this website with your neighbors, visit the Town of Weddington website and read the minutes.

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